cats are a great audience for poetry readings

the cat was utterly uninterested and downright bored with him reading mediocre poems by her side “You don’t like this one?” he asked “It’s about nature and birds flying and… and… How good does it have to be for you to like it? I’m only ten, I haven’t lived long enough to write poems of grief and depravity like my father. But you know, I’m actually aiming to become better than him. I aim to be a more respected poet. What, you don’t think I’ll be able to? You think I’m just another deluded fool? I’ll show you!” The cat stood and stretched raising her tail “Calm down, kid. First of all, your daddy was no poet. Just some drunk who spoke of demons as he passed out in bars. And you, you’re not ten, okay? You’re just ten days clean of meds.” “You think I should end myself?” he asked The cat waved a paw at that. “Nah, just go on with the next poem. I’ll be listening but please don’t expect any praise. It’s not in my nature to offer it, okay?” “But… you think I’ll be a great poet one day?” The cat closed her eyes and offered no reply

cats are a great audience for poetry readings

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